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Racing for the prevention and cure of prostate cancer...

Prostate cancer affects one in six men in the United States. Peanut Island 24 promotes fundraising to fight against this deadly disease. (Other "UltraSports" races--KEYS100 and PALM100--also raise money for this important cause.) Donations for this race are made to the "American Cancer Society", Palm Beach Area chapter.

Funds raised in connection with "UltraSports" races have been donated in previous years to "The Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys", "Holy Cross Hospital" of Broward County, "Broward General Medical Center", the "American Cancer Society" and the "Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center" at Georgetown University.

Please make your charitable donation online by clicking below on the green "Make a Donation" button. Alternatively, donations may be made manually by completing the Support Your Runner Form. Click the link, print and complete the form as legibly as possible and mail as directed.

Thank you for your generous contribution to this most worthy cause.