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Emily and Todd Bello
Todd and I have been intending to write you, but things got very busy upon our return from the great state of Florida. We stayed and relaxed at Todd's parent's vacation place in Sanibel for a few days after the event and then headed back to Kentucky for a somewhat mild return (though much colder than the beautiful place we left). In regards to the race, I have told every runner I know about how fantastic you are and now I get to add that comment about your wife as well. It was wonderful to meet her and get to know you and her better throughout the course of the long day. The race was absolutely amazing. All the smiles and encouragement from the volunteers and fans really aided in our achieving 110 miles--we never dreamed that was possible! You truly are one the finest race directors we have ever had the pleasure to work with. Having also done the Keys 100 last May, we can say that you put on races "without a hitch." It was so well organized and in such a gorgeous location, we could not have picked a more perfect place for our first timed race. God has blessed Todd and me with the love of running, love for each other, and ability to meet such terrific people as you! We look forward to coming back in years to come. What better way to ring in the new year then enjoying your wife's fabulous food and running our hearts out with such terrific company!
All the best,

Emily and Todd

Stu Mittleman
Thanks, Suzanne!
The event was spectacular - as was the location and the day of the year it
occurred. What a wonderful way to welcome in the New Year!
Please keep me informed of all your events. If schedule permits, next year
could be great!
Thanks again for hosting a fabulous event
Yours for the distance,

Stu Mittleman
Ultrarunning Hall of Fame
www.worldultrafit.com / www.journeyacrossamerica.com

Bonnie Busch:

Congratulations on another successful race!
You, your wife, Mike, and your whole team do such a fabulous job.  Everything that we need, including a friendly, comforting nod, quick comment or simple encouragement.  It’s these little things that make a race, but you already knew that.  You guys deliver everything, thanks just isn’t enough.
Thanks for being such a good teacher to such a poor student.  I’ll work on that!

Bonnie Busch

Mary Gorski:
Once again, thanks for a great weekend on Peanut Island. Our group of Nikki, Jennifer, Dave, Bonnie, Darrell and I had a fantastic time. Such a good way to celebrate the new year.
I hope that you had a relaxing day after.
Happy New Year!
PS: If interested, here is the write-up that I sent to the list:
The Peanut Island 6, 12 and 24-hour run

Alan Perez:

Thanks Bob. Marcia and I had a great time. Your races are making South
Florida a must visit destination for the ultra community. Hope to be
back next year. All the best in 2012.  ~ Allan

John Cioffoletti:
Hi Bob,
I just wanted to thank you for an incredible experience!  I had an amazing time.  It was my first ultra event and I must say you and your staff made it very special.....  I can't wait to come back next year!
I was wondering if you know where I could find out information on the most distance covered in a 24hr period by someone in my weight class?   I know this probably sounds strange..... what made me most proud is that I weigh 242lbs which is not typical for ultra runners.  I would like to set a goal for myself of doing much better than the 82 miles I did this year.  Is there a U.S record for clydesdales?  I would appreciate any help you can give me......  I want a big number to chase!
Thank you so much for a wonderful time......my family really appreciated what you did for them!!!

John Cioffoletti

Mandy Miller:
Hey Bob and Suzanne:
Just wanted to say thanks for another outstanding event. We really enjoyed ourselves - great location, great vistas, great runners and support teams, and a great RD - what else can anyone ask for. I have already seen some very favorable posts on FB :-) and I will be doing the same.
Suzanne - food was yummers as always!!
All around a stellar way to spend New Years.
m2 xo

Antonia Armstrong:
Thank you for a great race, Bob! It was my first fixed time race, and the first time I ran more than a half marathon. I am training for my first marathon and  came to run only 18 miles. I ended up running 28.5 miles, because I had too much fun to stop...and took care of my first marathon, too :-).

Thank you!


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